imageApplause for our SPCAs and Human Associations!

  1. You’ll have the wonderful satisfaction that you are saving a life.  Many homeless animals live for a very long time in a shelter without knowing the love of a family;
  2. Shelter pets are up-to-date on shots and neutering.  This saves you money and trips to the vet;
  3. You won’t be supporting puppy mills (you can read about puppy mills here:;
  4. You have a big selection of breeds and ages, and shelter staff to help you find a good match;
  5. You instantly get a best friend who will love you unconditionally.


  • Always spay/neuter your pet, and keep them up-to-date on all their shots.  And use flea/tic, and heartworm preventative every month.
  • Support your local SPCA and Humane Association.  They need lots of supplies that you probably have around your house, and list these items on their websites.  In fact, wouldn’t it be a great project for a book club to gather these items to donate?  The club might even get their picture in the local paper!

 Here is a pic of by BFF, who just happens to be adopted.

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