Your daughter has reached that age.  She wants to have a slumber party.  Here are some survival tips:

  1. Tire them out:  Do a strenuous activity until approx. 9:00pm.  Get all that energy out.  Ideas:  A hike, outdoor scavenger hunt, outdoor jellybean hunt, jumping on trampoline, moonbounce, swimming, kickball game.
  2. Limit sugar:  Do ice cream and cake BEFORE the activity.  Then, after the activity you can limit to colossal strawberries, sugar-free lemonade, popcorn.
  3. Quiet activities:  After the BIG activity, calm things down with more quiet inside games: skits, songs, 20 Questions, Would You Rather.
  4. Movie:  Once everyone is calmed down, and tired, put an appropriate movie (nothing scary) in and make it clear that when the flick is over, it’s lights out!
  5. Lights out:  Close the kitchen except for a water pitcher and paper cups.  Make sure all the girls know where you’ll be in case they need you in the middle of the night.  Leave on a few lights so the bathroom can easily be located.
  6. Snooze:  Let them sleep in, if they will.  It will make the next day better for everyone.
  7. Breakfast:  Feed them a healthy breakfast without a lot of fast sugars.  Eggs, toast, juice, as opposed to doughnuts.

Have fun and take lots of pictures.  These is a pics of my 10 yr old slumber party.


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