Part Deux:  Some cool reviews.


This was such a fun middle grade/tween book! I was so caught up in Jordan’s (aka JJ) adventures, that I couldn’t put the book down. While it’s still a very age appropriate book for middle grade readers, I think it would satisfy an older MG reader, who is not quite ready for YA but wants something a little more sophisticated.

I love that JJ and her friends romp around London completely unsupervised by adults. It’s a great way to see tweens earning their independence and stretching their boundaries. All of the characters in JJ’s group are very well rounded and multi-faceted. None of their personalities are stereotypical teens.

The ONLY drawback that I saw in the book was the focus that JJ seemed to have on clothes, makeup, etc. While her style does mirror her transformation, I just would have liked for JJ to focus on the other ways she was developing as a person, not just her style.

Otherwise, this was a super fun, fast-paced romp through London by five friends (and maybe one frenemy). It was fun to see London through the eyes of the jaded Londoners, and the young American tourist. You could really see the ways they bonded and helped each other see new things every day. The action was a mile-a-minute, and made for a book that was hard to put down.

Main Characters: 5/5
Supporting Characters: 5/5
Setting: 5/5
Uniqueness: 5/5
Cover: 4/5
Writing: 5/5

Bottom Line: This was such a fun read for tweens, with enough action and drama to keep even older MG (and adult!) readers interested. Highly recommended!


My Thoughts: I loved this book – it made me want to travel to London so badly. I liked Caroline’s friends -the smart and quirky Ellie, the sweet boy who loves food in Sam, and Gordo who alwaya seemed up for an adventure. I did grow to like Caroline as the book progresses. Mostly I envied Jordan at getting to see London. I’ve never been there, but this book captured a great city and great beginning of friendships. I didn’t want this book to end.

Cover Thoughts: Love it!
Source: My library


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