Here’s a picture of my purchase from my recent visit to Universal Studios Florida.  Hogwarts and Hogsmeade at Universal were, in a word, Amazing! The Hogwarts ride? Nauseating. Every Flavor Beans? Gross.  Butterbeer? Super yummy. Spending the day with my kids wrapped in a world that fascinated us on paper and on the big screen?  Priceless!
As I argued with my seven year-old that she is definitely a muggle, I thought about JK Rowling and her first book –  a bunch of words on paper.  And it inspired the creation of this wonderful place that’s visited by millions of people.  Her character (along with The Grinch, Superman, Edward Cullen) started as words on a page and became a multi-billion dollar industry….Harry Potter is an industry.  The concept left me awestruck.

So to me, this wand is a visual testament that a fabulous idea which is well written can make a meaningful difference in kids’ lives (although, Harry Potter, The Grinch, Superman, and Edward appeal to adults too.)  A book can become sociological phenomenon.

This wand says to me, “Yes you can!”

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