I recently had the pleasure of attending a small book club at one of our local libraries.  It’s a wonderful program where the library gives the kids copies of a book (JUST ADD MAGIC was the November selection), and the following month they discuss it.  I met the group over cookies (with lots of sprinkles!), signed and handed out the books, recipe cards, spoons and other goodies.

This was a great group of engaged readers.  In fact, one was so engaged, that she sent me an email.  I liked it so much that I thought I would share it:

Dear Cindy Callaghan,     I just finished reading Just add Magic,
It was a great book and I’m going to tell all my friends about the book
It was great seeing you at my book club a few weeks ago.
My favorite part in the book was when Hannah was mad at Darbie and Kelly and then they got back together again.
I also like when they make the Love potion and use it on Frainke but Tony drinks it too.
I hope I get to see you again!    From, Eve*

Dear Eve,    Thanks for your email.  I am so excited that you like the book and that you’re going to tell your friends. I hope you continue to visit my website.     Best,  Cindy

*name changed

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