I first traveled to Ireland when I was 5 months old. I don’t remember any of it. But here is what my parents told me I did:

  • Went to the Guinness Brewery for beer tasting (I was asleep in a Baby Bjorn for most of it)
  • Went to the Jameson Distillery for whiskey tasting (I was asleep in a Baby Bjorn for most of it, but I did et a certificate with my name on it)
  • Went to afternoon tea at The Clarence hotel (again, sleeping in the Baby Bjorn)
  • Took a train to Killiney to see where U2’s Bono lives (my parents claim I was actually awake for part of this excursion)
  • Went on a Dublin pub crawl (I was too young to actually do any crawling, so I slept in the Baby Bjorn for most of it)

You get the picture. Lots of sleeping.
Irish Girl 1
But my favorite story of the trip involved the flight home. There was a basketball team comprised of 12 year-old Irish girls on our flight. They were heading to Nebraska for a tournament and offered to help my parents with their fussy baby (you’d be fussy, too, if you had just spent a week strapped in a Baby Bjorn watching other people have fun). Anyway, the girls passed me down the rows, seat by seat, playing with me for the duration of the flight. According to my parents, I laughed the entire time.

This must be why I love to play basketball, I can’t wait to go back to Ireland, and I AM REALLY EXCITED TO READ “LUCKY ME”!

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