Yesterday was JUST ADD MAGIC’s 1 year book birthday!!

I was so pleased to get this note from my new friend, Grace.  I thought I would share it becasue I love it.

* *

Dear Cindy,

Hi my name is Grace, and I LOVE  your book, Just Add Magic.  I love the recipes that are in it and love the characters!!  My favorite character is Darbie because 1. She is HILARIOUS and 2. She is a good friend.

I have a question about the book. Is Sam’s a real place (Because it sounds AWESOME!)???

I love your books and one day want to write a book like yours.

From, Grace

* *

Dear Grace,

I am so happy to hear you like my book!  I love it too!  Darbie is a really special character because she she just has fun.  She loves her pals and would do anything for them.  She’s the kind of friend I want to me.

Sam’s Super iScream is a made up place, but it is based on an ice cream shop in Wilmington, Delaware called Sweet Lucy’s.  They have an awesome ice cream concoction very similar to the Super Swirley.

I hope you’ll tell your friends and teachers about the book.  Your teachers can look on my website for discussion guides and other cool stuff.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.  I really appreciate it.  It makes me very happy to get notes like yours.

Your friend, Cindy Callaghan

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