Layout 1As I count down the days to release, I’m getting this question a lot: “What’s this book all about??”

JUST ADD MAGIC is a new and fun middle-grade novel.

Here’s the 411:
While cleaning the attic one day, Kelly Quinn, a curious sixth grader with a passion for cooking, finds a book of secret recipes bearing a warning: Beware of the Law of Returns. Using the book, Kelly starts a cooking club with her best friends, clumsy roller-skating Darbie and fashionista soccer star Hannah. The dishes from the book are delish, but they seem linked to strange occurrences at home, at school and on the soccer field. 
Coincidence? Kelly Quinn’s theory: There is no such thing as coincidence. So, she devises an experiment involving a certain sixth-grade hottie. Unfortunately, things backfire in a big way. Kelly and her friends try to return life to normal, but their efforts are complicated by an annoying little brother, know-it-all Charlotte (blah!) Barney, and the ANtS soccer team tryouts. Just when the girls think they have everything under control, they don’t.

And just look at this cover – You can’t tell me that this chick isn’t just super cute.

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