12.     I had lunch with a friend the other day. She paid and said I needed to pay it forward. So, I’m entertaining applications.
13.     After writing in a coffee shop I need to change my shirt.
14.  If money and time weren’t an issue, I’d go back to school and get degrees in archeology, psychology, philosophy, mythological literature, medicine, crime, forensic science, astronomy, astrology, numerology, art history, Italian, law, and furry animals.
15.       Confession: I crochet. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.
16.       Left/right socks – if you think it’s funny, you haven’t tried them.
17.       When fast food restaurant workers wear plastic gloves to keep the food clean, but then work the cash register and go back to the food, it doesn’t work.
18.       Meg Cabot follows me on Twitter. I think that says something, like “I’ve arrived.”

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