The “Socialites” are a group of eager tween readers who have all recently received their advanced copies of LOST IN LONDON.  Over the next several weeks, you’ll get to meet a few of them here on my blog.  Today we have Jacqueline with her amazing story of living in ….wait for it….LONDON!

IMG_3854I was about five when my family moved to England.   We got to ride in a white, stretch limousine on the way to the airport as we left the US for the UK.    When we arrived in London, we stayed in a flat (that’s basically an apartment) for five days.   The inside was, for the most part, very plain and small.  I especially liked the spiral staircase, which wasn’t very big, but still very fun to go up and down.   When we were exploring the flat, we found the bathroom, where we found what looked like a small bathtub/sink/toilet.  “Oh look!  A sink for you to wash your hands,” my brother said to my little sister.   We later found out that it was a bidet. (If you don’t know what that is, you might want to Google it and have a laugh.)

We explored a lot of London those first few days.   As we drove around in our black taxi cab, we passed Big Ben.   “Look!” my mom had shouted, “there’s Big Ben!”  “I don’t see Big Ben,” my older brother said, “all I see is this giant clock.”  My sisters and I literately said, “that is Big Ben!” at the same time.  That is like a classic line in a movie now to us.

During those five days of London I had to go through the torture that almost every child goes through with their mother, which is walking around town and looking at the different stores.  I think my mom especially liked Harrods, because she still sometimes talks about it today.

We also went on the London Eye.   Once we were on the Eye I was sitting on the white floor looking through the curved glass which made me get over any fear of heights.  If you’ve ever been on it, you know it is very high.

The musicals in London were amazing. We went to see ‘Wicked’ and ‘Mary Poppins’, and I loved them both.

Overall, London was pretty much incredible. I loved it and was sad to go.

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