GREEN LIGHT noun:  authority or permission to proceed (grēn-ˌlīt)

Breaking News: Today Amazon Studios announced that it will make JUST ADD MAGIC into a full series!  A full season, twelve more episodes, will be developed.

When I got the call?

First, I was like this:

excited_girl-300x199 2





Then, I was like this:


veuve-clicquot (1)








(BTW, I lost track, but a big thanks to whoever gave me that a few weeks ago. It was perfect!)

A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone for your warm wishes, kind thoughts, sweet phone calls, excited texts, encouraging words, and especially for viewing, rating, reviewing and surveying the pilot.

Snoopy thanks








The TV show JUST ADD MAGIC is based on my first book of the same title.










If you want to read about how all this happened, you can here.



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