love going to schools.  Would you like to schedule a visit?

Here are some details of the program:


Presentation: A 50-minutes session appropriate for grades 3-6. The session includes a dramatic reading followed by a Powerpoint presentation about the writing process, specific examples, and question/answer session.


QA and Signing: A personally-designed visit and signing with your students to discuss writing, publishing, books, and other topics as agreed.

Presentation equipment needs:

I will bring a flashdrive and my Mac computer as a backup.  The school supplies:

  • An IT-savvy school representative to troubleshoot.
  • A school computer that can run a multimedia PowerPoint presentation, projector and something to project on to (e.g. smartboard).
  • A school representative to help with book distribution.

Book Sales:

Book sales are part of school visits. A pre-sale form will be supplied to the school to facilitate personalized autographs.  On-site sales can also be accommodated with the help of a school representative.

Schools may take advantage of the Give One for the Books program, and donate books to the local charity of your choice.

Questions and Pricing:


You can find highlights of my previous school visits here and here. You can also find news coverage here.

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