Being the new kid is tough. In LOST IN LONDON, Jordan (J.J.) is the newbee in the “London crowd.”  I thought it might be fun to ask her a little bit about how she survived being the new girl.

Cindy:  Hey, J.J., Thanks for being here.

J.J.:  Sure thing.  This is so cool.  And I love your outfit, BTW.

Cindy:  Thanks.  So, if you could give three tips to kids who are new to a school this fall, what would it be?

J.J.:  I would say the most important thing is to be nice to everyone.  Everyone.  You won’t know for a little while who the kid or kids are that you’ll click with.  So, keep all your options open.  I don’t want to give anything away, but in London, there was one girl who I did NOT click with.

Cindy:  What if there are some kids who aren’t nice to you or unfriendly?

J.J.:  I know the type. I think you should try to be nice to them too.  It’s harder for people to pick on you if they think you’re super nice.  The second thing I would say is to smile.  Not like a weirdo or anything, a regular smile.  People seem to like people who are happy and smile a lot.

Cindy:  I like smiling.

J.J.:  Me too.  And the last thing I would say is to be active. Try lots of different things… sports, clubs, activities.  You can always get out of something later if you think it’s not a good fit.  But, initially, try lots of stuff to find the crowd you fit best with.

Cindy:  So, when you were the new kid with the London crowd, was it hard?

J.J.:  Totally. I just kept being nice, and eventually even the not-so-nice kids came around, mostly.  And I talk to the Brits all the time.

**J.J.’s phone bings.** 

JJ:  That’s one of them texting me.  Look at this pic.

**J.J. holds the phone out for me to see.**

Cindy:  That’s neat.  I love those double-decker buses.

J.J.: yeah.  Me too.

Cindy:  Well, that wraps it up:  Be nice to everyone, smile, and get involved.  Good tips, J.J., thanks.

J.J.:  Thanks for having me.  You’re, like, an amazing writer, and totes cool, BTDubs.

Cindy:  That’s very nice of you to say. I think you’re a really cool character.  JJface

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