We have many pets that are alive and well, and fat and lazy. But, we also have a very special moose. The unnamed moose was bought on an awesome family vacation at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos three years ago. (If you haven’t been , I highly recommend.) We had such a ball we got this little trinket to remember the weekend.Well, this moose has become a favorite fixture on our dinner table.This is what we do: Four or five out of seven nights we sit down for dinner together, even if it’s fast food or PB&J. (It’s usually fast food or PB&J). The moose gets passed from around the table. The holder tells the rest of us about their day, without interruption. This has proven a great way for us to keep in touch. We do it with guests also. The kids’ friends love it.
Homes are filled with beautiful trinkets and our moose is no exception. Standing alone on his shelf he’s a reminder of cherished family time which is easy to forget amongst work, school, the house, the pets, appliance maintenance, cleaning, organizing, visiting, BBQ-ing, and sports schedules. But, put in motion, beloved Moose plays an role in our family.

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