Note:  Barbara Dee’s newest book Trauma Queen launches in 11 days.  Check out her website for all sorts of trauma stories, including one from me.


launches in eleven days! I’m so happy my author friends are helping me celebrate by sharing their own tales of tween trauma. Here’s one from Cindy Callaghan–with a happy ending!
So, I’m new to a school circa fourth grade. We’re in the locker after gym and a girl named Julie had done something that apparently rubbed me the wrong way – I don’t remember what it was. So, it seemed that a good way for me to get “in” with the other girls was to say something like, “Do you girls like Julie?” Of course, she was standing on the other side of the lockers and came walking around them to confront me with something like, “Why?” I had that feeling, you know the one, you just got nabbed. My face flushed and hot, my heart pounded out of my training bra. I think my reply was something so lame as to me, “Because I sure do!” Well, it worked. She and I have been nest friends for about thirty years.

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