When Lucy heads to Rome for the summer, she’s is in for pizza, pasta, and a little amore in this M!X novel from the author of Lost in London.

Lucia “Lucy” Rossi thought she was going to be a camp counselor for the summer, but, thanks to a very fortunate twist, she ends up in Rome, Italy, helping out at her aunt’s restaurant, Amore Pizzeria. Lucy can’t wait to see some ruins, eat all the gelato she can, and maybe say a few buongiornos to some cute Italian boys.

But Lucy arrives to Italian trouble. Her aunt is in danger of losing her business, thanks to a flashy new pizzeria down the road that is all style, but no substance. In order to try and save the shop, Lucy decides to employ a very unique version of matchmaking—making matches based on customer’s pizza preferences. Soon, word of the American matchmaker gets out, and it looks like the business might be saved! Or so she thought—until someone decides to try and sabotage the newfound success of Amore pizza. Can Lucy figure out who might be behind everything? Or will her family being saying ciao to Amore Pizzeria for good?


Notes from Cindy Callaghan about LOST IN ROME:

Like many of my books, LOST IN ROME was not the original title.  My working title was BETWEEN ME, YOU AND THE PEPPERONI.  I also toyed with #PIZZASHOPMATCHMAKER.  This book was outlined long before it was written, only in those outlines it was a US pizza shop.  When the LOST IN books grew in popularity, it was decided to move the book to Italy.

And, interestingly, I have a fat cat that is very much like Meataball.

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