At our recent trip to Epcot we visited “China” where you can buy an oyster out of an aquarium.   Deciding that it wasn’t worth the money, I shuffled our posse onto the next country (Germany, I think).  Little did I know that my son desperately wanted to try his hand at shucking an oyster in the hopes of finding a pearl.  While I was sipping champagne in France, Husband and Son doubled-back to gamble on an oyster.  Well, according to Hubby it was Son’s “Disney Magic Moment” when he found a pearl.  He ran across continents to show off his treasure.  What a special find!

Then, this morning (Valentine’s Day) I had my magical moment.  I was grteeted by a shiny box.  I opened it to find the pearl set as a floating pendant on a chain.  Son said, “Mom, I went to Jared.”

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