Books for Tween Girls?

books for tween girlsWho are Tween Girls? How are Books for Tween Girls Different?

These are readers in between the ages of 9 and 13. They have outgrown “early reader” books or what are sometimes called “chapter books” and they’re ready to handle more substantial novels. Books for tween girls are generally around 200 pages, have more complex characters and plots than early reader books, but refrain from edginess that is often found in YA fiction.

Edginess is an interesting thing because it’s very subjective. That is, something that’s edgy to you, may not be to me, and definitely may not be for a tween girl. I like to pride my books as “good, clean, fun,” yet even I have received emails pointing out something a parent or librarian may not agree with. So, I always caution parents to read online review, talk to librarians, understand the publisher and imprint’s philosophy, or even preview the book in advance of their child reading it, if they’re worried.

I believe books for tween girls should be fast-paced and full of fun and adventure. That’s what I strive for.

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