I suppose there are other things to see in Rome besides food, huh?  Rome is a very old city with tons of ruins and old buildings everywhere you go. Every street has that old-world beauty to it, and the city is loaded with historical buildings and ruins. Behold some of the sights!

Check out these lovely stone-paved streets. Some of them are VERY narrow!

IMG_4112 IMG_4110 IMG_4074 IMG_4072 IMG_4061

As you may have noticed, Italians dig their scooters and itty bitty Smart Cars…


This is the Trevi Fountain, which was undergoing routine maintenance during my visit. This happens often in Rome. Tons of foot traffic means that upkeep of these ancient wonders is a never-ending necessity!

trevifountain2 trevifountain

What is a trip to Rome without a visit the Roman Colosseum, or il colosseo?



The ancient Roman Forum is right nearby. It’s basically a whole neighborhood of ruins.

forum forum2

Another super famous sight in Rome is the Pantheon (not to be confused with the Parthenon, which is in Greece…hmmmm).

pantheon pantheon2

The big, wide, beautiful Spanish Steps!



The humongous ancient Roman capitol building



town square

IMG_4108 IMG_4070 IMG_4068 FullSizeRender fountain

How could you NOT be inspired by all that?!


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