Dogs or chocolate? 

I recently posed this question by accident to myself, “Dogs or chocolate?”  It’s been on my mind ever since.

I don’t know what kind of a terrible post-apocalyptic world we’d be in if we had to choose, nevertheless I forced myself to think this through, just in case…

Chocolate:  Let’s face it, a day without chocolate is like a day without… without…without… well, it’s like a DAY WITHOUT CHOCOLATE!  But, if I absolutely had to, I could do it.  I’d be grumpy, moody and mean, but I could.  In fact, I could really be tough and go a week, if I had to.  But, forever?  That’s a tall order, and not one I’d ever want to entertain.

Dogs:  I have two amazing rescue dogs and sometimes I imagine, when I’m letting them out and in, and out and in, and feeding them, and feeding them again, and wiping the floor, and vacuuming, and feeding them yet again, and wiping the floor, and letting them out and in, and in and out, that a day without them might be a nice break.  I mean, sleeping in a bed without hair, or an extra 60 lbs of dog on my legs might be nice?

Then Groomer Day arrives.  I drop them off and return to a quiet house.  No greeting at the door, no one licks me, no one knocks bags out of my hands due to controllably butt spasm from sheer bliss in just seeing me.

I miss them instantly.

And watch the clock until I can pick them up.

When I travel for work, and I love the clean and quiet of a hotel room for about 10 minutes before it’s depressing and I get homesick.

So back to the question, “Dogs or chocolate? 

Since I can’t live without a dog for even a part of a day without falling into the depths of dispare, I have to choose dogs.

Sorry Chocolate, I love you too, but if I’m ever in a bizarro-world where I have to choose, I’m going with wet tongue, wagging tail, muddy paws, shedding, snoring, in-my-personal-space dogs.

We can all take a moment now to be thankful we live in a world where we don’t have to choose.






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