IN celebration of LOST IN HOLLYWOOD’s release, let’s do a little trivia!  YAY!

-The Los Angeles area became popular for film production in the early 1900s because the area had great weather, access to lots of different landscapes.

-The first movie studio in Hollywood was Nestor Motion Picture Studios, which opened in October of 1911. On October 26th, 1911, Nestor filmed their first Hollywood movie.

Nestor Motion Picture Studios in Hollywood, CA

The very first Hollywood movie studio!

-By the 1920s, Hollywood’s film industry was the fifth-largest industry in the country!

Hollywood Sign

-The famous sign up in the hills originally read HOLLYWOODLAND and was built to advertise a new housing development in Hollywood Hills. It was light up with 4,000 flashing light bulbs. The sign became more and more famous as the film industry grew, and was rebuilt and restored in 1978 to its current form.

-There’s tons of Hollywood sign imitators around the world! In fact, if Meghan McGlinchy had found herself in county Wicklow while she was LOST IN IRELAND, she’d have felt very lost indeed…check out Hollywood (formerly Killinkeyvin) Ireland’s sign!

Hollywood, Wicklow, Ireland

We’re not in California anymore!

Apparently this teeny tiny village (less than 100 people) has ties to the film industry, and several movies have been filmed there.

-The Hollywood Walk of Fame runs a total of 18 city blocks and features over 2,500 stars! Around twenty new stars are added every year.

Hollywood walk of fame

You can learn a whole lot more about Tinseltown come August 30th, when you can finally get your hands on LOST IN HOLLYWOOD!

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