It’s funny the way things work out sometimes. I recently received an email through my website from a fellow local Delaware author, and yadda yadda, I’m having coffee with Cindy Sardo. I was very interested in the mission of her writing, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Cindy is the author of four Cooking’s Cool books. Cooking’s Cool is a unique collection of books that can be used to inspire children to make healthy life choicesHer company’s mission is to educate children about the benefits of eating and cooking healthy. Childhood obesity is a leading health threat in our nation, and we hope to make a difference with our book series – Cooking’s Cool. We strive to empower children to learn that making healthy life choices is cool!.
But, she doesn’t just write and sell books, she’s like a mobile healthy kids cooking demo. She goes to schools to talk about healthy cooking, and demonstrate kid-friendly recipes. And it gets even better. Get this – Cooking’s Cool, LLC is collaborating with schools to do community service projects to cook a healthy recipe and deliver the meal to local soup kitchens.
Talking to the energetic Cindy Sardo is a pleasure. She’s a teacher at heart especially when it comes to teaching children to cook and eat healthy. Her inspirations to write these children’s cookbooks are many, but her finicky eater, Sarah, has been the greatest. Cindy can be reached at I encourage mom’s to check out her books, and fellow teachers to consider hosting her at your school. Her website is great:

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