A little round-up of American celebrities appreciating Ireland at home and abroad…

Conan O’brien visited the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago and got a lesson in Irish step dancing. I’m pretty sure he left with a new appreciation for the difficulty of all those dance moves!

Conan O'brien

Keep those arms straight!

Taylor Swift spent a quiet afternoon writing music in her Dublin hotel room during a tour stop. I wonder when we’ll hear the tune she was writing in this soft, pretty picture from her Instagram?

Photo from Taylor Swift's Instagram

This definitely looks like a nice way to spend the afternoon

Beyonce and Jay Z spent some family time at a Dublin park with their little girl, Blue Ivy. Funny to see them looking so “normal” isn’t it?

Beyonce, Jay Z, and their daughter in Dublin

Fancy a walk in the park?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrated their wedding in Florence and Paris, and then their honeymoon in County Limerick! Check out their honeymoon digs: Castle Oliver— OMG, yes please!!!

Castle Oliver in County Limerick

I would DEFINITELY stay here!

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