JUST ADD MAGIC – Just the Book for your Book Club!

JUST ADD MAGIC by Cindy Callaghan is a fun new book for middle-grade readers and a great choice for your book club. A magical story packed with fabulous food, unusual ingredients, and a great cast of characters, JUST ADD MAGIC is the perfect blend of mystery, magic and fun that is sure to please ‘tweens of all different reading levels.

The author has just announced a special promotion: A Club Kit. If your club chooses JUST ADD MAGIC for its selection, you may win a special kit including:
*An assortment of recipe cards
*Book marks
*Wooden spoons
*Surprise cooking utensil
*Discussion Guide
*Book Club Meeting Activity Ideas
*Letter and brochure for your teacher/librarian

And guess what else? The author may Skype live into your meeting.

All the 411 you need to enter to get the Club Kit:
1.     You need to have at least 4 members in your book club and an adult moderator.
2.     Send an email to Cindy (cindy@cindycallaghan.com) explaining in no more than 3 sentences why your book club wants to read JUST ADD MAGIC
3.    Hurry! Because this promotion ends June 30, 2011

That’s it! If Cindy picks your group, she will send you the above goodies!
If you win, be prepared to take a picture of your book club with each member holding a copy of JUST ADD MAGIC for Cindy to post on her web site.

Visit www.cindycallaghan.com that features Cindy’s blog, recipes, a discussion guide, details about upcoming appearances, her bio, and more!

JUST ADD MAGIC (Aladdin M!x, Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing Division; $5.99)

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