One of the many awesome things about traveling to LONDON is that they speak English, so you can go to a city on the “other side of the pond” and communicate with ease….well, sort of.  They have some weird words, like, BlimeyBlimey, I fancy some chips!”  which is really, like, “Holy cow, I really want some French fries!” 

Here are some other cool words that you should know to communicate with the boys form 1D.

1.  Off your trolley:  Crazy, nuts  Ie:  That lady is off her trolley; she’s talking to the trees!

2.  Rubbish: Trash  Ie:  People are always talking rubbish about the most popular celebrities.

3.  Taking the biscuit:  When something is great, like, ‘takes the cake’  Ie:  That film takes the biscuit!

4.  Hunky-dory:  Okay, fine  Ie:  It’s all hunky-dory here.  My homework and chores are all done.

5.  Zonked:  Sleepy, tired, pooped  Ie:  We were up all night at that slumber party, and now I’m totally zonked!

There you have it.  You’re ready to email Zayne!

Cheers, Cindy

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