A few weeks ago I ventured across the country to for meet-and-greets/pitch sessions with some of the industries best.  I’ve been planning this trip for a long time and had a wide array of new concepts to discuss.

“Your books?” is what everyone asks me.

The answer is, “For sure,” but there’s more…

For nearly two years I’ve been squirreling away a robust portfolio of screen (TV and Movie) concepts ranging from animation through older-teen.  This was my big chance to network with key folks in the industry to see if there could be what I call, “a match.”

My goal was to listen carefully and learn what execs were looking for and discuss my ideas in a casual format.

The whole trip was equally exhausting and energizing.

Across the board, everyone I met with was nice, friendly, engaged and insanely smart.

Here are some pics from my little roadshow:

First stop:

Then the visits:



The days were packed and the time seemed to fly by.  But, I was lucky enough to have a bit of a break to lunch and shop with a dear sorority sister.

The trip wrapped with a college reunion together with a tour of the old stomping grounds and USC football game.


Since my return I’ve been working hard on proposals and follow-ups…translation:  lots of time in my writer cave with butt-in-chair and head-down.

Who knows…maybe a match can turn into magic!

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