Even English-speaking countries have their own slang and lingo.  You’ll see a bunch o’ this in Lucky Me, but here’s a handy dandy cheat sheet.

Acting the maggot: acting silly, horsing around

Bogs: public restrooms

Bunk off: to skip school or work

Codding ya: joking, pulling your leg

Culchie: what city dwellers call country folk

Donkey’s years: a very long time

Gobsmacked: very surprised

Knackered: exhausted

Kip: a nap or a dump of a place

Manky: dirty, disgusting, or otherwise gross and unpleasant

Not the full shilling: not completely sane

You can read how Meghan McGlinchey’s new friends from the Emerald Isle use these and other fun Irish phases in LUCKY ME.


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