Dear readers, I am so excited about all the positive feedback around Amazon TVs adaptation of JUST ADD MAGIC!

JAM Amazon

JUST ADD MAGIC went live on January 14th. By the end of the month, the book was out of stock, and the show is currently holding strong at 4.8 stars (!!!) on Amazon. Here’s what people are saying:

“Just Add Magic,” is the NEW perfect family show!

Awesome! My daughter and I watched it he entire season in one afternoon! We can’t wait for the next season!!

And tons and tons of reviews that beg, “Season 2, please!” Yes, I agree!

Delaware Online Wilmington News Journal

My home state of Delaware is a fan!  The Wilmington News Journal posted a great write-up of the book and series.

Wilmington News Journal


Huffington Post Parents

Huffington Post’s Parents Blog had great, interesting things to say. They declare, You Should Be Binge-Watching This TV Show With Your Daughters. I don’t disagree!

Author Meg Conley says both her girls absolutely love the show:

We talk about plot theories during dinner. My oldest daughter is maintaining a list of clues in the art room. She’s pretty positive she can bullet point her way to the conclusion before we get the the last episode. My four year old has started pulling weeds and drying them in the kitchen. What look like dirt trailing dandelions to me, are really the magical herbs she’s readying for her next JAM inspired magical recipe.


AV Club

I was VERY surprised to find that super cool grown up music and media website AV Club was ALSO praising JUST ADD MAGIC! Contributor Gwen Ihnat loved it for her own children, and recommends it to anyone out there listening:

The combination of magic and cooking is genius, and the kids in the show are funny, smart, and engaging, but never smart-alecky or obnoxious…Just Add Magic resembles a suburban Harry Potter or a tamer Goosebumps, and it’s even made my kids want to cook more.

Thank you for all your support, everyone- I’m sooo glad you love JUST ADD MAGIC!

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